Day 3 at Plas Caerdeon!

Class: Year 5 Year: 2018 - 2019

Dear parents,

The children had a very full day yesterday consisting of rock climbing on Barmouth Slabs and an extremely long and winding mountain trek; taking in amazing views of the Mawdacch Estuary. Today, we continue with such activities as archery and kayaking. 

Happy birthday to Anna in Class 12! 

Tom - Class 112 - “The water was cold in kayaking! They never put the heating on.”

Leghton - Class 11 - “I climbed the rock and got to the top. It was freezing up there though.”

Leo - Class 11 - “The hike lasted for ages. It was nice to see the views though.”

Patrick - Class 12 - “The zip line was fun and we got to do it twice. We found a frog but then we lost it!”

Anna- Class 12 - “On my birthday I have been canoeing. Mr. Strode said that there might be a cake later!”

Amelia - Class 12 - “We’ve been canoeing today, you have to be strong and have good arm muscles to do this.”




More photos (and a cake) to follow..

Mr Strode and Mr Hogg

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