Day 2 at Plas Caerdeon!

Class: Year 5 Year: 2018 - 2019

Dear parents,

The children were very tired and slept well last night; hopefully they are refreshed for the days activities that lie ahead. Today, groups will work on rock-climbing and their ‘mountain adventure.’ We will post more photographs once we have time later in the day. 

Ava - Class 11 - “I had a good night, the beds were comfy and I fell asleep fast.”

Charlotte Class 11 - “The people in my room got to talk about the day before the lights went off!” 

Daniel - Class 11 - “Everyone fell asleep and it was quiet and calm.”

Mica - Class 12 - “I lost my kayaking shoes, but they were under my towel. Thank you Mr Hogg!”

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