Mission Statement, Values and Ethos



With Jesus we love, learn and grow.

To do this we will:

  • Be a Christian community that follows Jesus in living out Gospel values. ( Christ centred)

  • Provide opportunities for all to grow and achieve their full potential, by igniting a desire for lifelong learning. (Education)

  • Be a beacon of light that shines out to others, sharing faith, hope and love. (Community)


(Christ Centred)

  • Provide quality collective worship and enriching liturgical celebrations.

  • Enable our children to acquire an excellent religious education, through a well taught and resourced Come and See programme.

  • Encourage all to develop their understanding of and relationship with God, while at the same time respecting that others choose to express their faith in different ways.

  • Be positive role models, who treat each other with respect and are willing to forgive and be forgiven.


  • Provide a stimulating curriculum, which is fun, challenging and relevant to the needs of our children.

  • Value all our pupils and staff, appreciating their uniqueness and individual talents, enabling them to develop these to the full.

  • Have high expectations of ourselves and each other, in all that we do.

  • Ensure that all children reach their full potential through effective planning, assessment and evaluation, which will inform their next steps.


  • Create a positive atmosphere where all feel valued and are welcomed into our school community.

  • Develop positive links between the school and parish community.

  • Learn about and appreciate other faiths and cultures.

  • Use our talents as responsible citizens to enrich the lives of others in our local and the global community.