Year 5 2019 - 2020

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Year 5 Teacher and Modern Foreign Languages Lead

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Miss Potter is Year 5 and Class 12 teacher.

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Welcome to Year 5!

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Home Learning 2020

Again, some of you may prefer to use Oak National Academy: 

There is plenty of lessons to choose from, Maths, English and foundation subjects (PSHE, PE, Spanish and Science.) There is an online tutor who will deliver the session and then you can complete activities and a quiz during the lesson. A pen and paper is all they really need and if there is anything else required, it will tell you before the lesson.


Have a look and just complete the one you prefer. If you enjoy the revision style lessons stick with BBC Bitesize but if you prefer the tutor to talk you through the lesson then have a try at Oak National Academy.


English WC 13th July 2020

Monday  - Reading and understanding texts

Tuesday  - Investigating legends

Wednesday  - Analysing legends

Thursday - Writing a myth

Friday - Reading lesson


English WC 6th July 2020

Monday - Reading and using a text

Tuesday - Romeo and Juliet

Wednesday - The Tempest

ThursdayShakespeare reimagined: Henry V: A Soldier's Tale

Friday - Reading lesson


***BBC Bitesize also have some games you can play - why not have a look!**


**Spelling Shed has been updated with the new spellings for the rest of the Summer term they have been updated with Challenge words.

Please keep upto date with Spelling shed, TT Rockstars and Reading Plus. These are all activities the children can complete independently. Spelling shed and TT Rockstars should be accessed daily.

** We would hope that you would continue with your daily reading. If you are enrolled on Reading Plus you should log on and aim for at least 5 sessions a week. A mixture of reading and vocabulary.**

Reading - We have also signed up for Oxford OwlOn here, you will be able to access a range of ebooks for free. They can be filtered by age or reading level. So, if you are running out of fun reading material at home, have a look through the range of genres and pick yourselves a new book - for free!

Login in details are:

Username: muchwooltony5

Password: Muchwooltonclass11

Once on the Oxford Owl website you need to find Myclasslogin:


Enjoy some books for free!



On the webpage you will find links to some Maths activities and Maths Challenges. There will be an arithmetic paper  and a reasoning paper to keep you up to date with your basic skills. (Don't worry if you can't see the answer page - just have try and see how you get on! Good Luck!)


Maths WC 13.6.20

Monday - Convert between different units of metric measure - kg, km, mg, ml

Tuesday - Understand and use approximate equivalences between metric unit and common imperial units

Wednesday - Convert between different units of time

Thursday - Understand and interpret timetables

Friday - Challenge of the week


Maths WC 6.7.20

Monday - Measure angles upto 190 degrees

Tuesday - Draw angles upto 180 degrees

Wednesday - Reflection

Thursday - Translation

Friday - Challenge of the week


Dont forget on BBC Bitesize they have Supermover's helping you with your times -tables and your basic skills!

All children need to be secure with their times tables to help them with this next objective. TT Rockstars should be accessed daily and continue to practise our basic skills.  A new challenge is updated weekly.


Health and Well Being 

The next few weeks, a big topic will be Health and Wellbeing. With changes happening daily, we thought it would be nice for the children to try and open up and talk about Coronavirus with their family, thinking about their personal worries or concerns and writing them down so they are able to reflect back on these feelings in a few months time. Opening up is hard and being able to do this from an early age with really benefit the children. (and adults alike!) Have a try at the activities attached to help you.

The daily acts of kindness activity is ongoing and to show there is still some good in our world big or small gestures could change somebodies outlook for the better! How many can you say you do? Have a try over the next few weeks! 


13th July 2020



Transition is the start of a new school year and the day a child moves up to a new year group at school. ... Changing classes can be daunting for a child, so these transition activities can make them feel more at ease as they settle into a new class and a new year. Have a try at writing down any worries or fears and share them with an adult. Just like last week, it is good to share any worries and fears you may have especially those linked to moving upto Year 6! Alot of our worries can be solved quite easily - I PROMISE!!

The Positivity Jar activity is a an activity to change negetative ideas to positive thoughts. The jar can be filled with positive words, comments or affirmations. The purpose of the jar is to use it whenever you are feeling sad and need to remember all the positive things about yourself. Choose your own jar and decorate it yourself!

Remember, we all have bad days and this is a normal part of growing up its how we change our fate that makes us special!

Worry and anxiety is normal in all aspects of life, but particulary when things happen that change our everyday normality. Speaking out and sharing our concerns can really help. Attached is lot's of activities that can help us with this and even gives us ways to talk to people when we are faced with new challenges. Don't be afraid - just like in the video below some worries are not even our's to have! 

There is also, some nice Mindfulness activities, crosswords, colouring and even activities to remind yourselves how loved and special you all are to us.

13th July 2020

Try reading 'Charity job week':

6th July 2020

Try reading 'Do I need it?:

'Values, Money and Me contains 10 character-led story units, each of which centres on a storybook with accompanying downloadable lesson plans and classroom materials, as well as online interactive quizzes and games. You will enjoy following the lives and experiences of the stories’ characters, who are all dealing with dilemmas and challenges around money.'  



Are you missing our weekly Spanish lessons with Elba? Why not take a look at the video's below and follow the online Spanish lesson or have a go at some of the resources linked to our page - have fun!


**Competition time...**

Below I have attached some videos, songs you are familiar with that we sing in class with Senorita Aranda. Either have a go yourselves singing them and upload to twitter or send to school or you could create a small Spanish project of your choice! Prizes for the best entries, chosen by Senorita Aranda!

Ser rapida divertise!

There is still time to get involved - why not give it a go!

6th/13th July 2020

Senora Aranda has sent a new challenge this week Dog Origami and some Spanish Tongue twisters! Take a look at the powerpoints attached in the files and see if you could have a try! Again, she is giving prizes and certificates for the best ones! Have fun!



Our topic in RE is Stewardship

WC 13th July 2020

Think about world stewardship how does CAFOD help around the world children just like you? Write how small changes could help someones live.


How could you help raise money for a charity like CAFOD? What would you do? How?


WC 6th July 2020

The Wonder of Creation.

Take a look at the powerpoint attached and explore the wonders of creation.

Draw a picture of the wonderful world in which we live in, thinking about the days on which God created things. 


Write a prayer of thanks for our wonderful world created by God.

What are you thankful for and why?


RE Home Learning (Attached in the files)

*Note to parents:
This work comes from the Come and See Religious Education programme which is taught in all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Liverpool. They have given a general guide to the learning opportunities that your child may have come across in school and have only suggested and selected a small amount of the programme. The activities aim to keep Religious Education practical and fun. They are in Year groups however, there is no harm in completing other year group work as this will help your child to remember and strengthen their learning. Please only choose the activities you and your child wish to complete. There are lots of suggestions to help you choose.
The first part of learning is called – EXPLORE. This shares your child’s everyday experiences and helps them to see how the Catholic faith is lived in their everyday lives. The second part, called – REVEAL shares bible stories that links to their everyday life.


Arts Week on BBC Bitesize:

All week BBC Bitesize have some fun music lessons:

13th July 2020

Monday -  Performing

Tuesday - Creativity

Wednesday -  Theatre genres

Thursday -  Singing and Well being

Friday - Ten Pieces takeover


6TH July 2020

'Musical performance'

'Artists and Art'


'Singing and well-being'

These are all fun and something new and different. You may want to try them and enjoy learning something new. Have fun!



Remember to get out, get active and tweet us your daily activities! 

Mr Hathaway's challenge page  - follow him @MuchWooltonPE and see if you can have a go!


Any extra resources will be put on our school website under our Year 5 page. We will update it as the weeks progress and you can record any work in your home learning log book and tweet us pictures to our Year 5 page.


Helpful Website Links

Free audible books:

Supermovers times tables: 


Twinkl Home Learning Pack Year 5   

White Rose Maths

Hit the button

Maths Games:

Purple Mash:


No internet... No problem! 

Read together, write a magical story, describe your favourite meal, make your favoutie meal, write instructions to make your favourite meal, bake cakes, be creative, plant seeds in your garden and draw a chart for their growth, write a movie/book review, but most importantly- READ, READ READ!

Do puzzles, Sudoko, make your own crossword or wordsearch!

The whole world can be your classroom - create your own adventure!


We hope that everyone is staying safe and we look forward to seeing everybody again soon.

Miss Beckwith and Miss Potter

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