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Year 5 Teacher and Modern Foreign Languages Lead

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Miss Potter is Year 5 and Class 12 teacher.

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Welcome to Year 5!

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Home Learning 2020


30th March 2020 Non-Chronoligical reports and their features

non-chronological report is a non-fiction report which is not written in time order. The purpose of a report is to give facts and information about a topic. It differs from an explanation text in that it doesn’t attempt to explain how or why. Non-chronological means not in time order. You are going to produce an information leaflet in the style of a report, using information in non-fiction books and on the internet effectively on SPACE. Space is our next topic in Science so this will link in well. Remember to research first, then plan it and write it up in best. Use the resources on our page to help you . (Features checklist, template, powerpoints and video)

Guided reading: Carries War is available to listen to online, follow the link or take a look at the first video linked to this page which has the chapters in short films. The rest of the chapters can be found once the first chapter has been read. This gives a real insight into WW2 for the children which is our Summer term History topic.

On the webpage you will find links to some GPS activities, handwriting and comprehensions.

We would hope that you would continue with your daily reading. If you are enrolled on Reading Plus you should log on and aim for at least 5 sessions a week. A mixture of reading and vocabulary. Spelling shed should be accessed daily and practise your Year 5 spellings.


On the webpage you will find links to times-table activities and some Easter Maths Challenges. There will be an arithmetic paper to keep you up to date with your basic skills.


30.3.20 Multiply 3-digits by 2-digits

We will need all children to be secure with their times tables to help them with this next objective.  So: TT Rockstars should be accessed daily and continue to practise our basic skills. Dont forget the TT Rockstars inter class competition is still happening! Copy the link into your browser and have a look at Decimals. Each lesson comes with a video tuturial and worksheets to guide you through.


For the next two weeks we are Geographers. Our topic is ‘World Differences’. We have provided the overview of the topic below. Be as creative as you wish, you can start a topic of your own comparing the UK and  and any other European City that you may have visited or think you might in the future. (Include lots of pictures and your own experiences!).

We will be comparing people and places in the UK, Europe and the Americas. Firstly, looking at our own location and discovering the similarities and differences between where we live and these intriguing locations.


Our topic in RE is Sacrifice as we lead upto Easter, during the period of Lent. Children can use the Bible to do their own Collective Worships as well as writing a prayer of their own about 'Self-Sacrifice'.

30th March 2020: Design a religious Easter card depicting the Good News of the Risen Christ and giving reasons for your choice of words and symbols.  Inside the card, include a suitable quote from Scripture and a greeting to share with others.

Spelling Shed has been updated with the new spellings for the next term and the spelling list is attached to this page. Please keep upto date with Spelling shed, TT Rockstars and Reading Plus. These are all activities the children can complete independendantly. 

Any extra resources will be put on our school website under our Year 5 page. We will update it as the weeks progress and you can record any work in your home learning log book and tweet us pictures to our Year 5 page.

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Read together, write a magical story, describe your favourite meal, make your favoutie meal, write instructions to make your favourite meal, bake cakes, be creative, plant seeds in your garden and draw a chart for their growth, write a movie/book review, but most importantly- READ, READ READ!

Do puzzles, Sudoko, make your own crossword or wordsearch!

The whole world can be your classroom - create your own adventure!

We hope that everyone is staying safe and we look forward to seeing everybody again soon.

Miss Beckwith and Miss Potter

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